What do you think of Creativity ?

Solve Misunderstandings About Creativity

The son of a good designer or artist will be a creative person- we usually think so. But real evidence is not on this side.

According to the 2012 IBM Global Survey of 1,500 executives and entrepreneurs, 92% of the creative minds and problem-solving skills are the top factors they find when hiring or promoting a career. employees. So what is creativity, and who has it?

Most of us believe that there are people who are innate creativity, the rest are not.

Also, when it comes to creativity, most of us just associate ourselves with artists, writers, designers, and so forth, generally in the field of art.

The truth is that everyone is creative, and you can develop your own creative skills just like any other skill.

This is the affirmation of marketing expert and brand developer Bernhard Schroeder, who has worked with many Fortune 100 companies including Apple, Nike, General Motors, American Express, Mercedes Benz, and many startups. He also participated in Amazon’s first marketing campaign, ESPN Travelocity. In addition, Schroeder is also an excellent writer with works such as Fail Fast or Win Big, Simply Brilliant, Brands and Bulls ** t …

“Creativity does not belong to anyone, we all have it” is what Schroeder retreated after 18 years as a marketing and branding expert, 4 years of teaching Innovation and Innovation – part of the Startup Program at San Diego State University. And he shared his research results on this concept and gave instructions on steps to enhance individual creativity as well as use it in the workplace in Simply Brilliant.

According to Schroeder’s research, curiosity is closely related to creativity. However, we – parents, teachers, society … – have stifled creativity when it comes to asking children (ages 4 to 12) to behave appropriately. dress properly, have to listen to words, must have the right answer …

But in the midst of today’s changing world, creativity and problem solving are indispensable skills for success in learning, career or personal life. So you can “get back” what you have but have been diminished as a child?

Schroeder said it was in our hand. Because creativity has never left you, it’s just being obscured. And what you need to do is to start the creative spirit fire. How?

With the knowledge and the tools that Schroeder provide in Simply Brilliant, readers will know the misunderstand about new change and creation, understand about the general creation of the creation of the configuration, build the steps to increase the brightness creation of themselves.

Simply Brilliant is a great book to read for success, as leaders will find in them the tools to stimulate and utilize the creativity of employees to optimize the work!

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