The tendency of Content Marketing in 2019

Interactive content marketing is likely to become a new “king” in future marketing strategy.

“You get a great message. But, as the global economic picture becomes more and more competitive, if you have an appropriate content approach to that message, you will have a hard time succeeding, like using a butter knife. to cut a tree”, said Wanda Thibodeaux, a pen of Inc., shared.

Over the years, entrepreneurs have turned to content marketing to reach out to customers. As the playing field becomes more competitive, players must upgrade their ability to create and promote content.

Yoav Vilner – Co-founder, Executive Director of Ranky Marketing Consulting, the first place in the world focused on startups and technology for consulting, commented that content marketing was dead, he added: “Or at least, That’s starting to happen”

Both Thibodeaux and Vilner agree that interactive content is the next option.

Dr. Dino Levy, who works in the Department of Neuroscience and Management at the University of Tel Aviv (Israeli), says that people tend to engage in interactive content. And they will hardly forget this content. So, bringing interactive content and marketing campaign, you will get an ideal loyalty with your brand.

What is interactive content marketing?
Vilner explains that interactive content marketing is a type of content marketing in which users can “engage, interact, experience the process and learn new things without feeling like being a target for sales “. One of the examples of this kind of content marketing is the form of an online opinion survey or graphical information.

“Interactive content marketing is a form of providing value to customers in a private way,” Vilner said.

Simply put, this is a way of marketing content in the future. Featured examples of interactive content are polls, infographics and videos.

Why does the human brain respond well to interactive content?

Levy argues that interactive content encourages a person to act in a motivational way. For example, responding to information and signals in a certain order, it enhances the connections between neurons in the human brain. It also requires a person to make choices, activates a wider range of activities in the brain to address emotional processing, action plan, cognitive thinking, and sensory processing.

So marketers should pay attention, interactive content marketing is likely to become a new “king” in future marketing strategies.

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